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Training activities

Since its foundation the Academy conducted more than 5500 training events for social target groups. A total of 124,000 people or approximately 10% of the adult population of Mongolia has participated in these trainings.
The Basic Education Program was revised in 2004 to incorporate participatory education methods. The result was the creation of two programs, General Education and Participation Support Training.

General Educational Training: “School of Democracy” for herders, “Civil Society Training” in the form of audio, video and on-line training; “New Generation Civil Maturity” training for school children, “Political and Economical Information” training for non-social science teachers, “Principles of Human Rights” training for policemen, “Civil society and Rule of Law” training for employees of civic organizations and public administration.
Participatory Training: “Citizens Initiative Movement” to support environmental protection activities in Lake Hovsgol and Lake Shanaga, “New social knowledge” program for social science teachers, designed for renovation of the teaching standards, “Open Hearing” program aimed at improving transparency in the Citizen’s Representative Councils of selected provinces, and “Open Debate” to provide citizens with the balanced information.
Qualification course: The Academy obtained official license from the Ministry of Welfare and Labor initiated in 2005 series of training activities. Our main program is one year course on qualification in public administration for people in the rural area of Mongolia, where the need is the most (there is a large number of government employees in the rural area of Mongolia – the country that divided into 21 provinces, 360 precincts and more than 1200 lowest level administrative units). Currently people are participating in the Academy courses in 5 provinces.
Target groups:
  1. School of Democracy - For general public, especially nomadic herders
  2. Civil Society- Audio - Video training for rural inhabitants
  3. New Generation Civil Maturity - For senior highschool students
  4. Political and Economic Information - For high school teachers
  5. Human Rights Principles- For policemen
  6. Civil Society and Rule of Law - For staff of self governance institute and local administrations
  7. New Social Knowledge- For social science teachers of high school
  8. Civil Initiative Movement - For NGO activists
  9. Local Community Partnership - For soum level inhabitants
  10. Development of Political Parties - For the members of political parties
  11. Public Administration - For civil servants
A new outreach apprs been introduced in 1999 with audio and video classes broadcast in co-operation with network of local FM Radio stations created by “Mongolian Foundation for Open Society” and National Radio and Television.
number of participants
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